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We specialize in several areas of legal practice with key focus in;
Real Estate, Commercial and Corporate Law, Litigation, and Alcohol Beverage Law.

We also have experience in Appeals, Litigation, Civil Litigation, Legal Research, Courts, Trials, Employment Law, Commercial Litigation, Hearings, Criminal Law, Mediation, Civil Rights, Securities Regulation, Legal Writing, Arbitration and more.

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Real Estate LawReal Estate

Real Estate LawWe have extensive experience in Real Estate Law and can surely assist you in the most professional manner with all of you real estate-related legal needs. We represent buyers and sellers in purchase and sale of real estate, review of real estate documents, real estate closings, review, negotiation and drafting of business and residential lease agreements, mortgage financing agreements, mortgage workouts, mortgage restructuring, deed in lieu transactions, mortgage foreclosures, collections and more.

Real Estate Transaction Attorneys
Our commercial and real estate transaction attorneys represent commercial clients and individual clients in all proceedings and transactions that deal with real property. We handle a variety of real estate transactions for owners, developers, contractors, sellers and purchasers alike.

Real estate transactions can be complex. Our goal is to create a plan of action to guide you through the real estate transaction from start to finish. It is important that you have an experienced real estate attorney to assist in due diligence, draft documentation, review agreements, negotiate terms and properly execute documents.

Types of real estate transactions that we can help you with include: Commercial, Business & Real Estate Litigation, Land Use & Environmental Litigation, Commercial & Residential Leases, Zoning & Land Use, Contract Review, Risk & Liability Assessment, Earnest Money Disputes, Purchase & Sale Agreements, Real Estate Development, Title Examination, Construction, Mortgages & Foreclosures, Closings

Commercial & Corporate LawCommercial & Corp. Law

Commercial & Corporate Law General Business Law
Nearly everything your business does will involve "the law." From relationships with contractors and vendors to real estate and more, I can help guide your business on various legal matters to help your business grow.

LLC & Corporations
It's easy to create a business online. But you really need an attorney to help with the heavy lifting. I can help you with choice of entity analysis, business formation, drafting governing documents, and much more.

Every contract should be simple. But simple is hard. And if you are running a business, you'll see contracts all the time. I can help you review and negotiate your contracts and can draft new contracts for your business.

Trials & AppealsLitigation

Trials & AppealsNot every transaction goes smoothly. We help individuals and businesses in pre-litigation negotiation and in-court litigation. Our law firm handle cases throughout New York State (including: Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island, Nassau and Suffolk, Westchester, and Rockland). We handle Commercial and business Litigation including: Contractual disputes, partnership disputes, stock-holder disputes, fraud, business torts, injunctions, temporary restraining orders, preliminary injunctions, property damage, judgment enforcement, subrogation, insurance coverage, employment matters, real property, personal property, and landlord/tenant disputes.

Alcohol Beverage LawAlcohol Beverage Law

Alcohol Beverage LawThe Alcohol Beverage industry keeps growing and developing, giving birth to new mandatory regulations, laws, and obligations every year. It is of paramount importance to understand these new rules, regulations and obligations because they protect your brand, product, business, identity or intellectual property. We protect our clients through licensing, your brand safe through recognition, and your business safe through our knowledge and experience of local, state and federal legal requirements and obligations.

Legal Services - Setup, Maintain, and Manage Your Business
From Start-up, to Funding, Advertising and Marketing Promotions, Distribution, Labeling & Product Formulation, Licensing, Trade Practices and more.

How We Keep Our Clients Happy
Our clients can finally relax, knowing that we have all of their business matters and legal obilgations taken care of. Our clients gain a well-desevered sense of business-security knowing that we've kept them 7 steaps ahead all while reducing cost and paperwork. "When our clients are happy, we're happy... and we like to be happy!"

We extend our legal services to experienced companies and businesses as well as start-ups and new business ventures. To clearly understand your requirements, rights, obligations and opportunities in this industry please contact us today for free advice or to schedule a consultation.

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